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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ted Education - Video Lessons for Students

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), the organization based on ideas worth sharing launched a new initiative this past Monday.  It is called TED-Ed, it aims to engage students with unforgettable lessons.  There are many places in the world where a wonderful teacher or mentor is teaching something mind-blowing, but as it stands now not many people have access to that powerful experience.  Ted-Ed aims to bring that engaging experience to everyone who has an internet connection.

I have had a chance to review the material and was quite impressed by their quality and how the videos were engaging.  It is my opinion that as education evolves initiatives like Ted-Ed and Khan Academy will take a bigger and bigger place in educating our children.

I thought these lessons were so profound and I wanted to take a chance to share each of these videos with you and my initial thoughts upon viewing them.

TED-Ed's aim to bring engaging educational experiences to everyone who has an internet connection appears to be on a good start.  I'm excited to see how this progresses, I hope it becomes as successful as TED itself.  While the Khan Academy is a powerful model that teaches lessons in small digestable pieces, I believe it doesn't always do enough to engage the viewer.  I think TED-Ed has a chance to fill that gap.  Engaging experience can have a profound impact to a growing mind.  I wish them luck, there is great good to be done by capturing the hearts and minds of our children and students.

You can read more about this new project at the Washington Post, The Next Web, or view the videos at TED-Ed's youtube channel.


Adam Savage
How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries
It is very easy to come up with some concept in science that is beyond our understanding.  Let it inspire you and you might discover something profound about our world.

Sir Harold Evans
How containerization shaped the modern world
Something that annoys you can make a wonderful impact in you and everyone elses life, if you just let it inspire you.

David Gonzales
Symbiosis: a surprising tale of species cooperation
The whitebark pine and the the clark's nutcracker are two entities that have developed a reliance on each other.  Like bees and flowers they both need each other.  This video discusses the remarkable relationship between this small bird and the forests in our northern states.

Mark Honigsbaum
How pandemics spread
It is remarkable the impact that bacteria and viruses have had on our species over the ages.  Coming out of the savannas of Africa, we have battled countless times with this tiny threat.  Now in a globalized world these infections can spread faster and more completely then ever before.

Greg Gage
The cockroach beatbox
Neuroscientist Greg Gage talks about how electrical signals are what makes our brain work.  As a demonstration he proceeds to do some very crazy things with a cockroach's leg.

There is an interesting article about Greg Gage's Backyard Brains and Ted at the Huffintonpost.

Jason Munshi-South
Evolution in a big city
This video describes how evolutionary pressure on newts and mice in New York city have made measurable changes to their DNA.  In a very short time we are having profound impact on nature, changing and shaping it in ways we never imagined.

David Gallo
Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders
This video takes us on a voyage through the oceans wonders.  David Gallo discusses the fact that we have only explored 5% of the ocean, and that something is discovered on every expedition to the ocean floor.  Our Earth is primarily ocean and we really don't know much about it.  Awesome things like the Vampire Squid and untold others await discovery.

Terin Izil
The Power of Simple Words
Complex vocabulary might convey a sense of intelligence to others, but often the best way to communicate a message is with short simple words.

Awele Makeba
Stories: Legacies of Who We Are
Storyteller Awele Makeba uses art and history to tell a story of the America civil rights movement.  This is a powerful eyeopening video discussing how even the smallest person by becoming a participant in democracy can make profound differences in society.

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