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Monday, March 5, 2012

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

A few days ago my son came up to me and stated that he was bored.  I decided to show him a really cool cartoon called Donald in Mathmagic Land.  This is film is pure Disney, you suspend disbelief and feel immersed in the strange mathemagical world along side Donald duck.
Donald, being the duck that he is states very early in the film that he thinks math is just for eggheads, but by the end of the film he has a very different attitude.  The narrator takes him through a journey where he learns about the mathematics in music, nature, and even the math in a game of pool.  This is something that I highly recommend showing to your children, it will help instill the priceless sense of wonder and imagination about our world in them.
You can click the link below to order a copy of this wonderful cartoon for your library.  You and your children will not be disappointed.

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